Monday, October 28, 2013

HYPORID - 900gm Plastic Container | Intas Animal Health Care


Hypocalcaemia leads to Parturition difficulties, Retention of Placenta and
Milk Fever

Let us take first step to prevent hypocalcaemia with HYPORID
HYPORID is an Anionic Feed Supplement
HYPORID ensures smooth and easy calving
HYPORID reduces chances of Post parturient disorders
HYPORID Guarantees Prevention of Milk Fever

HYPORID is recommended:
  • For Guaranteed Prevention of Hypocalcaemia
  • For Smooth Calving
  • For Reducing Chances of ROP
  • For Complete Development of Udder
  • For Preventing Relapse of Clinical Milk Fever
  • For Timely Onset of Post-Partum Estrus
The Feeding Schedule of HYPORID is 90gm twice daily - orally

In Healthy Animals  HYPORID is to be administered 3 days prior to calving up minimum 2 days post-calving

In Animals with History of Hypocalcaemia --> 7 days pre-calving up to minimum 3 days post-calving

In Clinical Milk Fever 4 Immediately after I/V Calcium Support, for a period of 5 days

HYPORID is available in 900gm Plastic Container

To prevent Hypocalcaemia, please prescribe HYPORID — A "Must" for Near Parturition Animal

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