Monday, October 28, 2013

E-BOOSTER - 1 liter Pack | Intas Animal Health

During Peri-Partum Perio:
During Peripartum Period High Energy due to
  • Parturation 
  • Colostrum Production
  • and Involution


Low Energy Supply due to 
  • Uterus Pressure on Rumen
  • Leads to low feed intake

Leads to Negative Energy Balance

Consequences of Negative Energy Balance are Multifold
Negative Energy Balance directly affects the:
  • Uterine Muscle Tonocity
  • Energy to the Post-Partum Ovaran Cycle
  • Development of the Udder TIssues
  • Mobilisation of Body Reserves
All the Conditions will ultimately Hamper the economy of the farmer by:
  • increasing the intercalving period
  • making the animal more prone to diseases
  • causing huge economic loss

Overcome Negative Energy Balance (NEB) with E-BOOSTER
E-BOOSTER is a Gluconeogenic Precursor fortified with nicotinamide and cyanocobalamin.

E-BOOSTER improves blood clucose level
E-BOOSTER prevents parturiton related disorders
E-BOOSTER prevents ketosis
E-BOOSTER augments milk production

E-BOOSTER is recommended during:
  • Pre-partum
  • post-partum
  • peak lactation

The feeding schedule of E-BOOSTER in cattle and buffalo is 200ml twice daily for first two days, followed by 100ml daily for next two days.

E-BOOSTER is available in 1 liter pack.

Please extend your valuable support to E-BOOSTER - perfect energy booster.

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