Monday, October 28, 2013

ECOTAS - Strip of 8 boli | Intas Animal Health

Ruminal Disturbances like
•    Ruminal Acidosis
•    Ruminal Atony
•    Microfloral Disturbance Affects health and decreases productivity



Antibiotics usage leads to Microfloral disturbance:

And takes the smile away

Bring the Smile Back by prescribing ECOTAS along with Antibiotics.
ECOTAS Brings Back Animal to Feed
ECOTAS Avoids Transient Production Loss ECOTAS Minimizes Antibiotic Induced Diarrhoea

True Fortified Synbiotic - ECOTAS is a Probiotic Enriched with Prebiotics 86 Growth Stimulants
  • Ecotas contains Prebiotic which is source of food for ruminal microflora
  • Ecotas contains Probiotic which increases ruminal microflora
  • Ecotas contains growth stimulants which helps in the rumen microflora growth

ECOTAS Restores Normal Appetite in Just 3 - 4 Days
ECOTAS Improves Feed Conversion Ratio (FOR)
ECOTAS Reduces Antibiotic Induced Diarrhoea

True Fortified Synbiotic - ECOTAS is recommended:
•    in Prolonged Off-Feed Conditions
•    for Weaning Calves
•    During 86 After Rumenotomy for Restoration of Microflora

Feeding Schedule of ECOTAS is 2 Boli daily for 4 Day

ECOTAS - India's 1st Veterinary Synbiotic, is available in a strip of 8 Boli

Please continue your generous support for ECOTAS - An Ideal Adjunct to Antibiotics Therapy

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