Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BUFZONE - 200gm sachet | Intas Animal Health



major reasons for the Ruminal acidosis feeding of :
•    High concentrate
•    Carbohydrate rich diet
•    Fermentable kitchen waste
Overcome Ruminal Acidosis - with BUFZONE

A Unique Ruminal Buffer Enriched with Yeast and Metabolic Boosters Dr.
•    EUFZONE Restores Normal Ruminal pH
•    BUFZONE Normalizes Rumination and Feed Intake
•    BUFZONE Increase Milk yield and Milk Fat%
•    BUFZONE Optimises Productivity

Dr.The feeding schedule of BUFZONE is -
•    Large animals: 200gm powder daily for 3-4 days orally
•    Calf and Heifer: 80-100gm powder daily for 3-4 days orally
•    Sheep and Goat - 50gm powder daily for 3-4 days orally

BUFZONE is available in a 200gm sachet

BUFZONE is the lot Veterinary Ruminal Buffer

Please continue your valuable support to BUFZONE - A Complete Ruminal Buffer


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